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Private Lessons

Private and Group Lessons

Contact one of our coaches to schedule a private or group lesson! 

Individual Lesson price shown. Contact each coach for group rates.

Ryan Davenport   $50/hr   Email Ryan (PEVC Facility)

Sarah Lewis            $50/hr   Email Sarah (PEVC Facility)

Emily Arnold          $50/hr   Email Emily   (PEVC Facility)

Debbie Hays          $50/hr    Email Debbie  (Evenings and Weekends at PEVC Facility)

Kathrin Hess         $50/hr     Email Kathrin   (PEVC Facility)

Josh Kindell          $50/hr  Email Josh  (PEVC Facility)

Tyler Fezzey (UWF PLAYER)   $40/hr     Email Tyler  (PEVC Facility)

Javier Rivera          $40/hr    Email Javi    (Pensacola and PEVC Facility)

April Fisher             $40/hr    Email April   (PEVC Facility)

Questions about scheduling a lesson: contact us at